Technical Support

What equipment do I need to use PartPlay?

PartPlay is very easy to use. a PC, mac, tablet or smartphone is all you need to get started.


Which is the best browser to use?

Partplay works on all main browsers but we recommend Google Chrome.

What are the best audio set up options?

While you can play audio through your devices own speakers, we recommend using headphones or your home entertainment system.

Most internal device speakers are not loud enough to play along to, so using headphones, possibly only on one ear as preferred is a good solution.

Alternatively a simple connection to a home hifi system, theatre system, or powered speakers, either by wire, or wifi / bluetooth is highly recommended.

Please contact us if you would like more detailed information, or help with a specific hardware setup.

What is looping?

Looping allows you to repeat a passage of music over and over without stopping.

Can I use PartPlay offline?

PartPlay can only be used on line.

Why don't I get the full interface on my iPhone or iPad?

Currently Apple only allow third-party developers limited access to settings for inline video. This means that the full PartPlay player only works under windows, android or osx, but not on ios devices.

Instead when the site detects you are on an iPhone or iPad it uses a fallback player which offers you a choice of pre-mixed videos with any one part muted, or allows you to listen to the full piece with no parts removed.

We are hopeful that the situation will change with the imminent release of ios10, and if this is the case we will be working to bring the full player to ios devices as soon as possible!