Gift vouchers, new releases and more…
Steve Bingham

Gift vouchers, new releases and more…

We’re delighted to announce the addition of PartPlay Gift Vouchers! These are available now for £10 or £30, and can be used for any PartPlay paid subscription plan. Ideal as a present for a friend or family member, the voucher can be automatically sent to your chosen recipient, or you can email it to yourself, so you can give it to the person directly.

Vouchers also come with a printable PDF version as illustrated above – great for printing and sending with a card or other gift.

We are currently preparing lots of new repertoire for release over the coming months, with music by Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Dvorák, Bartók, Shostakovich and more, plus plenty of fun items for the free plan.

In November we welcome the Artesian Quartet back into the studio, whilst in the new year we’ll be recording with the Castalian Quartet again.

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