Your data and PartPlay
Steve Bingham

Your data and PartPlay

First…the good news!

Although there has not been much activity on the PartPlay site for a few months Phil and I have been working very hard in the background and we’re absolutely delighted to be able to announce that work has now started on a standalone PartPlay app for IOS and Android.

This will be launched in November and will have all the functionality of the website and lots of new extras including personalisation of the interface, the ability to sync the system to Bluetooth devices, and user recording options. We’re hugely excited by these developments and can’t wait to bring them all to you.

In the mean time, whilst the app is progressing we’ll be finally releasing some new repertoire over the course of the next few months. This will include:

Dvořák “American”…….Artesian Quartet
Haydn op.20 no.2…….Castalian Quartet
Beethoven “Grosse Fugue”…….Coull Quartet

plus more Bartók violin Duos, and movements by Shostakovich, Mozart and more……

…and second…the new data regulations

I suspect that you are all heartily fed up with hearing about GDPR!

Sorry to bring yet another mention of it to your inbox, but we are obliged to let you know the steps we are taking to comply with these regulations.

The basic points are these:

  • We do not pass your personal details to any third parties
  • We do not store any payment details either on our site or on our personal computers
  • We will only ever contact you with news and information about PartPlay or in connection with your subscription to the service
  • We protect all information on PartPlay with complex passwords and full https encryption
  • You can easily adjust any of your data via your account area
  • We have updated our privacy policy to reflect the new regulations
  • We are always available to answer any queries you may have
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